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5 min readApr 27, 2021

Oclean twice a day keeps the dentist away.

Two years ago, Oclean introduced the World’s First Smart Electric Toothbrush with a color touch screen — the Oclean X.

Since then, we have launched multiple products and innovations to the oral care industry. Our newest model, the Oclean X Pro Elite, is the combination of all these improvements.

Oclean X Pro Elite

Various problems exist with the current “smart electric toothbrushes” available in the market.

First of all, they do not provide brushing results after brushing so you can’t tell how well you have cleaned your teeth.

Only a few high-end models support “blind zone monitoring”, but they are often overpriced and require phone to be turned on while brushing your teeth. Furthermore, brushing results only indicate coverage and uniformity, with no suggestions on improvements.

Introducing the Oclean X Pro Elite

Smart Oral Protection

The device displays blind zones and brushing score in real-time, so that the user can easily rectify immediately. After brushing, the screen automatically displays the brushing results.

The Oclean X Pro Elite has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope sensor to monitor the subtle brushing gesture changes in real-time while brushing, with up to 1,500 data points collected per minute.

Through data computing, the app will determine your brushing position and strength, and your brushing results will be visually displayed in a “8-zone dental animation” directly on the built-in screen.

If there are any zones that have not been properly cleaned, it will be shown in blue, and you can directly see the zone that has not been cleaned sufficiently, so that you can focus on that area more the next time you brush.

Oclean WhisperClean 2.0 — Ultrasonic Active Noise Reduction Technology

The Oclean WhisperClean 2.0 technology reduces operating noise to less than 45dB, which is equivalent to soft whispers beside your ear.

The Oclean X Pro Elite utilizes Oclean’s exclusively developed WhisperClean our in-house Ultrasonic Active Noise Reduction Technology. Healthy adults can hear sounds from 20hz~20000hz.

The X Pro Elite runs with a 20000Hz high frequency motor. Coupled with noise suppression algorithms, the sound generated from the motor is suppressed, keeping the noise level to a minimum while brushing.

Intuitively, when the Oclean X Pro Elite is turned on, people standing even just 1 meter away cannot hear the toothbrush while it is being used.

World’s First Qi Wireless Fast Charging Compatible Electric Toothbrush

3.5 hours of wireless charging for full charge = up to 45 days of continuous usage

Currently, the wireless charging electric toothbrushes available in the market generally take up to 10 hours to be fully charged, and the battery life is about a week or two maximum.

The Oclean X Pro Elite is the first Qi compatible electric toothbrush, that means it uses the same fast wireless charging technology as modern flagship smartphones.

With a battery capacity of 800mAh, the Oclean X Pro Elite can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours. With 2 brushings of 2 minutes daily at level 16 intensity under Cleaning Mode, the battery can last for 35 days of continuous usage.

At level 1 intensity, it can even last for 45 days of continuous usage.

The Oclean X Pro Elite is compatible with most mainstream wireless charging panels, making charging more convenient anytime and anywhere.

The Oclean X Pro Elite is Qi wireless compatible

FDA certified — Dupont Diamond Bristles

The cross-section of traditional bristles is cylindrical, while the cross-section of DuPont diamond bristles is diamond-shaped. Diamond bristles have more cleaning edges than cylindrical bristles and can enter the tooth gaps more easily and remove plaque deep within, for better cleaning. Better cleaning than ordinary round bristles by 15%.

Oclean X Pro lineup (X Pro Elite in center)

Oclean App for iOS and Android

The Oclean X Pro Elite can connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth using the Oclean App. The App allows multiple devices to be bound, to view the day/week/month brushing data.

You can download the Oclean App through the Oclean official website, the QR code on the manual, etc., then connect to the Oclean X Pro Elite via Bluetooth, and set the brushing plan for the toothbrush.

You can also push your own custom brushing plan to the toothbrush.

At the same time, you can view the detailed brushing report from the App, and check if a specific area has been brushed too heavily or too lightly, missed areas during brushing, and other data.

Pick-up auto-wake

After picking up the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush from the table, the screen will automatically light up, the power-on screen lasts 5 seconds, press the button to turn on the toothbrush with one button; Touch the screen when the screen turns on, or press a key to skip the power-on animation.

Suspended wall mount

The Oclean X Pro Elite is equipped with a magnetic suspended wall mount, attach the wall mount to the wall using the attached 3M sticker. Place the toothbrush on the rack after brushing, saving space for your bathroom countertop, while also preventing accumulation of water or mold, thus improving hygiene.

AI Automatic Damping on Excessive Pressure

The Oclean X Pro Elite has built-in electronic sensors and programmable controllers. When it senses that the user is brushing with too much force, it will automatically reduce the vibration frequency to protect the gums and enamel. (activated at level 24 intensity and above)

IPX7 Waterproof Rating

The Oclean X Pro Elite has an IPX7 waterproof rating, even after being submerged at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, it can still be used normally. The toothbrush body can be washed with water, you can also brush while taking a shower / bath.

Find more on https://www.oclean.com/products/oclean-x-pro-elite

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