How 5G will make the World a better place

Laurent Le Pen
3 min readJul 2, 2020
Shenzhen Net City District by NBBJ, the firm that won a design competition to create the master plan for the district of Tencent.

5G is going to move mobile technology from connecting people to people towards connecting people to everything.

5G will affect our lives more dramatically than any technology shift since the Internet, because 5G enables us to realize the potential of a fully connected World.

I think the main drastic effect will come from the 5G connected autonomous cars.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, nearly 95 percent of traffic accidents are caused by human error. Removing humans from behind the wheel could save millions of lives worldwide every year.

Green Wave

A green wave swept over France on Sunday as the environmentalist party won control of a clutch of major cities including Lyon, Strasbourg and Bordeaux.

Their main mission is to deprioritize cars downtown but they will face a lot of roadblocks in that process because cars have long been symbols for personal freedom.

You can go anywhere. From behind the wheel you really take control of your destiny. In this regard, cars are really empowering.

I have not owned a car for 13 years since I moved to Shenzhen, China in late 2007. I like driving a car when I am visiting France or the US but I have no reasons at all to own a car in Shenzhen.

The metro network is huge, BYD buses and taxis are affordable and 100% electric, and Didi (Chinese Uber) offers amazing services with automatic WeChat payment.

Compared to 4G stations, the new stations use almost 20 percent less electricity but as Rita Liao described in the above article “It’s worth noting that the environmental perks of EVs are dependent on how a city is generating electricity. The dirtier the energy source, like coal and oil, the dirtier its electric cars are.

Self-Driving World

5G connected autonomous cars will change the shape and design of our cities as we know them.

Shenzhen and the connected cities of the Greater Bay Area will lead that trend and I am looking forward to seeing that change through my own eyes.

Obviously, it’s easier to deprioritize cars, when you’re designing a district from scratch… and when you’re not building in a democracy but I think China will leap frog the rest of the World in terms of smart city especially thanks to Tencent, Huawei technologies, the 5G deployment of the national carriers and the support of the Central Government.

I don’t understand the environmentalists that are against 5G deployment in their countries as I see 5G as the backbone of the strategy to deal with the crisis focusing on climate and ecological justice in our modern World.

If you are part of this green wave in France or anywhere in the World and consider yourself as an ecologist, then I think you should support 5G deployment in your city because that will lead to a meaningful contribution to local and global efforts to moderate climate change.

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