Soft SIM is the Future of Mobile IoT

Soft SIM for Wearable-as-a-Service

So today, we are opening the preorders of the Omate x nanoblock™ limited edition smartwatch for children with embedded secure global data connectivity by Tata Communications MOVE™.

Excited to launch the Omate x nanoblock™ to protect kids worldwide and bring peace of mind to the parents.

Key Features:

Starting from $149 including 6 months free service trial period:

My nephew — Noe — is the only 8 years old child model I can pay in ice-creams

Why is it revolutionary?

This is the beginning of a new area for our Wearable-as-a-Service solutions as it allows Omate to offer a full turnkey mobility experience to consumers by embedding a global SIM card along with secure location based services.

Omate POM = Data Connection + Location Based Services.

The Omate POM service stands for “Piece of Mind” that includes the Wherecom LBS smartphone applications service along with encrypted secure data connection from Tata Communications MOVE™.

Splash screens of the top-up WaaS menu



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Laurent Le Pen

Laurent Le Pen


Founder & CEO at Omate @OmateOfficial #IoT #Telecom #Wearable. Co-Founder at Oclean @OcleanOfficial #Healthcare.