Stars can’t shine without Zero-Covid darkness

Living in a * city is not a big a problem in China, you just have to go through more mass testing as usual. The real problem is when you have visited a * city but live in a non-starred city. That’s exactly what happened to us in Zhuhai and that was the beginning of our problems.

We decided to shorten our trip, I won’t vote but at least we would be safe back home because we were scared to be quarantined in Guangzhou if suddenly the hotel’s district became a high-risk area or worst became the new Shanghai.

10min later, we could finally go out!

A full hazmat gentleman was escorting us towards the exit of the building and invited us to enter into… a freaking AMBULANCE! He kindly said in Chinese:

“Here is your car and it will bring you back home to finish your quarantine!”

Me: Are you fucking kidding me???

- Me: We just came to fix the arm of our daughter, we don’t need a ride!

- Ambulance Driver: Don’t make things too difficult, you must finish your quarantine. We will bring you back home sir and it’s free of charge!

- Me: You won’t fucking bring us anywhere, I have my car in the parking lot just there!

- Ambulance Driver: Someone can bring your car back to you later

- Me: WTF!!!

“Covid Kills! Mentally-ill Frenchman charged in attack with oxygen bottles on two ambulance drivers.”



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Laurent Le Pen

Laurent Le Pen


Founder & CEO at Omate @OmateOfficial #IoT #Telecom #Wearable. Co-Founder at Oclean @OcleanOfficial #Healthcare.