World’s First Wearable Powered by a Virtual SIM

Last year, I wrote that Soft SIM will be a critical part for the success of the future of Mobile IoT.

Today, I am excited to announce that we are launching the World’s first wearable powered by a Virtual SIM card, totally dematerialized, “Plug and Play” user experience as a Software SIM integrated into the firmware of our newest kids smartwatch.

Other segments that we address today will be covered later this year such as solutions for Lone Workers and Seniors.

This is a big step forward to finally offer unlimited connectivity to our customers both B2B and B2C as part of our Wearable-as-a-Services strategy. To do so, we are using patented VSIM technology developed by Skyroam.

It was a pretty complex R&D integration but from now on, Omate can integrate the connectivity as part of the Bill of Materials (BoM) and leverage with volume to bring benefits to all our customers.

On top of that, it’s a game changer in terms of user experience! Since the device works straight out-of-the-box. No pricey plans, no hidden fees! the prepaid unlimited VSIM mobile data service enables daily features such as sharing GPS location, unlimited voice messaging and 4G video calls.

Press Release


6 January 2020, Las Vegas — Omate announces the World’s first wearable powered by a Virtual SIM. The Omate x Nash kids smartwatch comes with unlimited location-based services and video calls over 4G.

Omate teams up with tech distributor Nash to offer its new kids smartwatch. The smartwatch integrates a prepaid unlimited video calls and location-based services through a breakthrough secure Virtual SIM 4G data plan powered by Skyroam.

Meet us at CES Las Vegas LVCC Westgate Pavilion Smart Cities — Skyroam Booth 1708


“Omate is the World’s first wearable tech company to integrate a Virtual SIM card service. The three-year prepaid subscription includes end-to-end encrypted and unlimited location-based services and video calls over 4G. This proves once again our dedication to push our Wearable-as-a-Service business model to everyone through easy-to-use and affordable solutions.” Says Laurent Le Pen, Founder & CEO at Omate.

“We are excited to launch this breakthrough kids smartwatch to bring peace of mind to the parents and offer them a new way of communication with their kids.” Says Per Larsen — CEO at Nash

“We are thrilled to have our patented Virtual SIM technology powering the new Omate 4G smartwatch, so parents have peace of mind that their children are always connected and protected,” says Ludovic Lassauce, CEO of IoT and B2B Business at Skyroam. “We designed Virtual SIM, and our SDKs and APIs, to be easily integrated across a range of connected devices, so we see this as the first of many new global partnerships and products that will offer Skyroam’s best-in-class 4G connectivity in over 130+ countries.”

Make IoT Easy

The user interface of the smartwatch is easy-to-use for kids aged 5 to 10. The device comes with the Skyroam vSIM, so it instantly connects to the internet for full 4G coverage in the USA and Mexico.

It’s so easy kids can wear the device straight out-of-the-box and parents do not need to buy an expensive data plan from their local carrier to make it work.

  • The Omate x Nash limited edition will be available by March 2020 exclusively on Amazon US from US$179 (instead of US$229)
  • Two colors Purple and Black will be available.
  • EU version will be available in the course of Q2 2020.

Unlimited Data Plan

  • No pricey plans, no hidden fees! the Omate x Nash mobile data service enables daily features such as sharing GPS location and 4G video calls.
  • Simply download the secure Nash Kid applications for your iPhone or Android smartphone and pair it to your watch.


Size: 47.3 x 41 x 16mm

Processor: 1.2GHz Dual Core — ARM Cortex A7

Network Coverage: USA and Mexico

3G: B2 / B4

4G: B2 / B4 / B5 / B12 / B17

Unlimited 4G Virtual SIM data plan powered by Skyroam with 3 years warranty services including:

  • Unlimited Video Call (VoIP via App)
  • Unlimited Voice Call (VoIP via App)
  • Unlimited Voice Messaging (Press To Talk via App)
  • Unlimited Location based services (Maps Services via App)

Secure Family Member only / Class Mode / Safety Zone / History / Take-off Alert.

Display: 1.3” Color Display 240 x 240

Capacitive Touch Screen

Memory: 512MB + 4GB

Water Resistance: IP67 (not suitable for swimming and shower)

Battery: 620 mAh (3 days battery life based on fair usage of average 3min video call / day)

2MP Front Camera

Microphone / Loud Speaker

WiFi / GPS / SOS Button


Proximity Sensor

Standard 20mm removable watch straps

Laurent Le Pen





Founder & CEO at Omate @OmateOfficial #IoT #Telecom #Wearable. Co-Founder at Oclean @OcleanOfficial #Healthcare.

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Laurent Le Pen

Founder & CEO at Omate @OmateOfficial #IoT #Telecom #Wearable. Co-Founder at Oclean @OcleanOfficial #Healthcare.